Picture: Arecibo Radio Telescope
Arecibo Radio Telescope

No, SETI is definitely not an original project of futureSPACE. SETI is a project initiated far in the past, when first the idea came up to listen to the stars for intelligent signals.

As most of us look TV, use cell phones, make transoceanic calls and hear radio - everyone is already involved in sending signals from Earth to outer space. Now, the idea of SETI is to listen whether there is any civilization at a distant star sending some signals like we do - or even radio messages directly directed to alien listeners.

Today there are different (linked) SETI projects. One of them is SETI@home ('SETI at home'). In this project everyone with a computer linked to the internet can take part in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Because the amount of data recieved by the telescopes (for SETI@home the data comes from the Arecibo radio telescope shown above) is so vast, it takes an outstanding amount of computing power to process this data and only do a simple search over it. The more people take part in this search, the more complex the search can be and the more likeley it is to find a signal. And maybe it will be found on your computer - so take part:

Logo: SETI@home

What do you have to do to take part in this search? Simply download the SETI@home client, install the programm, select "Create a new account" and that's it. If you want to join the futureSPACE SETI group just follow the link below and join the community...


Step 1

Download the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) Software

Step 2

Install the Software and enter the SETI@home project homepage (http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/) for project selection when asked

Step 3

Join the futureSPACE SETI team

After registration you can check the status of the futureSPACE SETI@home team at the website of SETI@home: futureSPACE SETI@home team status

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